Uncanny Kingdom

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Lurking in London’s gloomy subway tunnels, staring up from the muddy basins of Cumbria’s lakes, watching from beneath the planks of Blackpool Pier, there are monsters. The U.K. is boiling over with demons, fallen angels, and magical megalomaniacs, and it’s up to six unlikely heroes to fight back and save the realm from annihilation…

A witch’s familiar hell-bent on avenging her slaughtered coven…

A ghost detective solving murders to atone for his mortal sins…

A bumbling warlock who chases fearsome monsters, but can’t remember why…

A twenty-something goth tasked with halting a vampire uprising…

A cursed police officer locked in battle with a fallen angel…

And an assassin with magical tattoos who’ll kill just about anyone for a price.

Welcome to the Uncanny Kingdom. ONE magical urban fantasy world, SIX amazing series to get lost in. Say goodbye to early bedtimes, because this page-turning urban fantasy set features the first books in each of these snarky, fast-paced, addictive series:

  • London Coven,
  • Spectral Detective,
  • Dark Lakes,
  • Branded,
  • Hexed Detective,
  • Uncanny Ink.
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About David & Matthew

David Bussell is a winner of the P.G. Wodehouse New Comic Writer Award. David is an avid fencer, and a committed comic book fan. Rumours that David was conceived on an Indian burial ground remain unfounded.

Matthew Stott writes strange stories. Influenced by the likes of seminal TV show ‘Doctor Who’, and writers Neil Gaiman and Stephen King, he crafts stories full of creep, wonder, and adventure. Matthew is not a murderer.

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