Swallow the Bones



My name is Tegan Manawar, and I am a Mage. 









Our hidden Empire spans the nine worlds, and Earth is our crown jewel. We rule in secret so that the unsuspecting masses will not become terrified of our enemies… the Malignant.

The Malignant are Mages who became infected with a virus that changed them from men into monsters. Scales, horns, and wings cover their bodies, along with fangs and claws. Unclean creatures, who are also infected, serve their unholy masters as cannon fodder in our wars. The Malignant have become the demons of our nightmares and the bane of our existence.

I want to serve the Empire, but my magic is broken. It can only be used when I hold a focus, like a wand in my hands. So, I have created a device that allows me to capture creatures and use them as my weapons.

Today, I am going to enter one the areas of chaos around our Empire and harvest servants. Then, like my brothers, I will become a protector of Earth.

But, what will happen when I become infected?

Will my family hunt me down and destroy my unclean flesh, as they have done to hundreds of thousands of innocent creatures? I don’t want to become a monster who preys on the weak and devours their souls. But, I also don’t wish to be incinerated or smothered.

Maybe, by becoming what my family fears, I can save humanity and discover who the real monsters truly are. Not everything is as it seems in our happy lives.

This discovery will cost me my eternal soul, but knowledge and freedom come with a price.

May God Save the Empire and my eternal soul. And… May he forgive me for what I am about to do.


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Note: Blood of the Fae is a reverse harem series with explicit scenes and a strong female lead who fluctuates back and forth between her male and female lovers. She is a woman who makes mistakes on an epic scale–routinely–and tries to learn from them. This series is meant for mature readers who love alternative earth settings where things went a little different than our timeline. It is a mixture of action adventure, horror, and romance that will either make you stand up and clap or die of apoplexy.


Books in the Blood of Fae series

Book One: Swallow the Bones

Book Two: Bury the Ashes Deep

About Michael

“My name is Michael Clement and I have been a life long voracious reader of science fiction and fantasy books. I’d still be only a “consumer” of books, if it wasn’t for my wife Renee. Time and time again, she told me, “Why aren’t you writing down your stories?”

Finally, I listened to her. I am so happy that I did. My first book, Conquering Her Darkness, was released May 15th, 2017. I had no idea, how hard it would be to write a book. Again, without Renee’s incredible grammar skills and encouragement, my first book would never have been written. It took us eight months, from start to finish to publish this book.

I just finished my eighth book, Blood in the Sky, and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve found that most of my books deal with society’s repulsion and deadly attraction to monsters, and, of course, sex.

Another theme in my stories is consequences. I love it when the hero or heroine makes a decision to destroy an old evil, and then finds out that the monster was really protecting mankind from something much worse.

So, I hope that you enjoy my blood, sweat, and tears.”

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