So Deep the Ocean

Once upon a time, I was a Brightling in the evernight world of dreams and magic known only as the Fold. 

I have been reborn into the Shadow Realm, where I have claimed my power as Queen of Shadows and Flame.
I survived death and hell and now face my greatest challenge: Life, and the promise it holds.

As Karina’s gift of prophecy blooms with her power, she stumbles upon a grimdark vision of the world plunged into chaos.
Determined to keep her court safe, she seeks answers hidden in a remote, misty jungle. There she discovers new allies and new threats: A sleeping god is waking and calls upon its minions to finish the work it started thousands of years ago.
Karina faces her biggest challenge yet, and needs to draw upon every ounce of power available to her. But, she will soon discover that enemies can hide in plain sight and within those closest to her.
Shadows and flame have met their match against an ancient evil with power over dreams. Fortunately for Karina, she’s used to living with nightmares…


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***For mature audiences, 18+ years old. This is a paranormal romance reverse harem series with steamy sex scenes and multiple happily-ever-afters.***


Books in the Brightling Court series

Book One: So Dark the Night

Book Two: So Bright the Dawn

Book Three: So Deep the Ocean

About Elle

“Hi, I’m Elle Cross, and I write Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. I live in NYC with my husband and the imaginary dog that we will one day adopt. I have a massive makeup collection and I’m grateful that, as a freelance makeup artist, I can justify buying even more.

When I’m not playing with color or my imaginary friends, I can usually be found in the nearest diner or bubble tea shop trying to take the perfect picture of my drink while my husband rolls his eyes.”

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