Silent Siren

Voted 14th Best Indie Book of 2018 by Read Freely, a #1 Amazon Bestseller, #1 Amazon Hot New Release, “refreshingly different from the usual YA/NA plotlines and very cleverly put together…an intelligent novel” -Award-winning author C.L. Monaghan.

Sea level is rising. Who will float? Who will drown?

Being a freak in high school is easy if you’re smart, doubly so when you’re found on a riverbank, mute, with green-tinted hair, a locket, and amnesia. Secretly, dread that she really is a freak silences Sirena. Her lips seal in a single memory:

Rena drowned her father, saying goodbye with a life-ending kiss.

Death in his parents’ organization forces Norton on his first mission to a podunk coastal town with his brother, where their colleague last made contact. To fulfill the client’s contract:

Nor must recover the specimen fabled to adapt life to climate change.

Thanks to homeschooling, Nor is unprepared for going undercover at a high school. The protective nature his training instilled goes awry when the damsel believes she’s not the one who needs saving. As the two dive into the murky depths of the past, they unearth someone—or someones—willing to kill to keep the truth silent. Can they discover their answers…

Before they go under?


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Books in the Climatic Climacteric series

Silent Siren, Faded Flare, and Arid Alarm

About L.B

L.B. Carter is a bookworm, Earth scientist and cat-mom with a penchant for sarcasm and alliteration adoration. As such, her novels are a myriad of dark fantasy, science, mystery, nature, humor and a touch of romance. Like her favorite book, Le Petit Prince, L.B. believes what’s important to the heart is not seen with the eyes… but, she thinks, sometimes visible with imagination. Curled up in front of a winter fire with a book, fairy lights, spiced hot chocolate, her snuggly Mr. Cat, and something she baked is her happy place.

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