One Loan Soul

Great news for those wary of selling their soul to the Devil. Just take out a loan instead!

Darcie Rose is Satan’s top Substitute Soul, tasked with temporarily replacing the eager living souls who sign a deal with the Devil. The exchange is a simple one. They receive a Lucifer-facilitated status boost when they return to their body, and Darcie earns a temporary reprieve from Hell. But there are two rules she must abide by if she wants to stay on Luci’s good side:
1.) Avoid her former life now that she is an accidental murderess.
2.) Never expose proof of a demonic Hell in the presence of humans.

Easy as pudding… until now.

Something’s glitched, and Darcie’s sent Earth-side without the necessary details of whose body she’s inhabiting. Even Hell can’t compare to coming face-to-face with her former fiancé, and taxidermy animals rising from the dead like a macabre puppet show.

Can Darcie regain control of a job quickly spiraling out of control? Or will this slip up get her banished to the torturous bowels of Hell?


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From Internationally Bestselling author L.B. Carter comes book one in the Loan Soul Series, a dark paranormal fantasy with a sardonic twist!

About L.B

L.B. Carter is a bookworm, Earth scientist and cat-mom with a penchant for sarcasm and alliteration adoration. As such, her novels are a myriad of dark fantasy, science, mystery, nature, humor and a touch of romance. Like her favorite book, Le Petit Prince, L.B. believes what’s important to the heart is not seen with the eyes… but, she thinks, sometimes visible with imagination. Curled up in front of a winter fire with a book, fairy lights, spiced hot chocolate, her snuggly Mr. Cat, and something she baked is her happy place.

Here are some places you can find out more about L.B and connect with her:


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