Magically Marked


In a world where magic is hidden, some people are magically marked. I’m one of those unlucky ones.






People suck. Books don’t. That’s why after my breakup I decide to go on an impromptu visit of Edinburgh, birthplace of my favorite fictional magician. The fact that I have magic in my veins has nothing to do with my decision. In fact, I am determined to avoid supernaturals at all costs by hiding in plain sight.

Unfortunately for me I cross paths with the one person I traveled across the globe to avoid, Nikolai Nightshade, powerful leader of the magical community. Also my ex-boyfriend.

He’s there to break out his sister from a notorious cult, and he needs my help to do it. I can’t refuse, but in helping him I risk revealing the truth about my own background, a secret I’ve successfully hidden from him–the truth of what it means to be magically marked. If he finds out, he’ll be honor-bound as the head of the Nightshade family to carry out my death sentence.

Magically Marked is a fast-paced urban fantasy adventure starring a kickass heroine, a powerful hero, and a cast of snarky supernatural sidekicks. If you enjoy stories filled with twists and turns, and a sprinkle of romance set in magical Scotland, this is the book for you.


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About Fatima

Fatima Bader writes urban fantasy books with a dose of humor and a lot of magic. When not creating new worlds, Fatima spends most of her time adding new travel destinations to her bucket list. Her goal is to explore as many new places around the globe as possible.

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