Hade’s Deception

Hercules meets Twilight in this compelling series brimming with adventure and romance.

Simplicity was all that mattered to Claire, until an Ancient Greek god wreaked havoc on her life.

Claire Wild’s life is perfectly ordinary. Until she loses her only living parent, finds herself on the run from Hades, and is taken to an island of immortal beings all in one day.

While living on the island, Claire learns she is special. So special that the immortals of the island are determined to keep her safe from Hades’ wrath. But she doesn’t understand why.

Apparently, neither does Jason. When Claire falls for the sexy but tortured immortal she doesn’t know how to react. Until she realizes he is the only one on the island that doesn’t want to help her. In fact, he insists the immortals of the island shouldn’t help her either.

Now, Claire needs his support to remain safe from Hades. In order to gain it she must prove something not even she believes in. She must prove she is more than ordinary.

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Hades’ Deception is the first book in Erin McDermott’s YA Urban Fantasy series. If you liked the tribulations of Hercules and the romance of Twilight, you’ll love Erin McDermott’s new series.

About Erin

Erin McDermott was born and raised in New Jersey. She graduated college with a bachelors degree in History. If she’s not in her room writing, you may find somewhere on the Jersey Shore with her family. She has been writing stories since 3rd grade. It was not until after experiencing the fast-paced life New York City had to offer that she decided to finally take the plunge and finish her first book, CAPTIVE REBEL (The Allegiance, Book 1).

During her years in college she expressed a deep interest in Greek Mythology, which she incorporates into The Allegiance Series. She is incredibly grateful to her family for supporting her throughout the trials and tribulations of the independent publishing process.


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