Contemporary Romance ~ Freebie #9

As we count down to the new year/decade, I’ve found a selection of fabulous Contemporary Romance authors who all have a free story they’d like to share with you through bookfunnel. Check out the ninth book below.

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A Brand New Steamy Romance awaits…









Pearl couldn’t get over how damned hot Adrian had looked yesterday on their visit to the project. He was like fire and there was nothing more tempting to do at that point than to burn alongside him.

The CareClub was Pearl’s dream. A non-profit organization for under privileged youth. But this new architect has changed everything. Watching his lips move as he explained the intricacies involved with this new project was inexplicable.

Pearl itched to know just how those stern yet soft lips would taste on hers.

She didn’t realize she would be tasting much, much more of him.


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