Contemporary Romance ~ Freebie #6

As we count down to the new year/decade, I’ve found a selection of fabulous Contemporary Romance authors who all have a free story they’d like to share with you through bookfunnel. Check out the sixth book below.

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A Enemy to Lovers Holiday Novella









I started disliking him in first grade when he threw a frog at me and called my pigtails stupid.

When we were in middle school, he called me four-eyes and made fun of my freckles.

Then in high school, he did something so bad, I swore I’d never say his name again, look at his annoyingly handsome face, or even waste a single thought on him.

And that worked out fine… mostly.

Well, it did work out until he showed up at my family’s cabin for the holidays. Turns out, his brother started dating my sister. Please, someone, kill me now.

To make matters worse, I’m stuck with him in one room, sleeping in a bunk bed… yeah, a freaking bunk bed.

I haven’t made a wish list since I was six, but I’m desperate, so I’m trying everything.


Dear Santa,

This year, I only have one wish. Please, make Jonas Wilder go away.

Love, Hannah


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