Contemporary Romance ~ Freebie #13

As we count down to the new year/decade, I’ve found a selection of fabulous Contemporary Romance authors who all have a free story they’d like to share with you through bookfunnel. Check out the thirteenth book below.

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Camming is what finally brought them together, but will it also be the thing that tears them apart?









24-year-old Tess has been friends with Brice since they were in fourth grade. There are no secrets between them but one: during the day, Tess might be a regular girl obsessed with cult classic movies, but at night, she’s a cammer, undressing and showing off for her legion of online fans.

Her dual lives come crashing down when a fan offers thousands if Tess sleeps with Brice on camera. This night changes everything, putting both Brice and Tess on a new road that promises further riches but also strains their newfound love.


Grab your copy today!



Spoiler Alert! Cammers gotta cam, and Tess and Brice have gotta perform. That means plenty of love, mountains of lust, and an overload of steamy scenes for you, the viewer.

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