Falling for Her

Have you fallen for him yet?
Because these confident, billionaire alphas are waiting to push you over the edge, and make you scream for more!

This 3 book collection has second chances, secret babies, fake engagements and plenty of steam to turn up the heat, and to keep you turning the pages.

Cherishing Her: A Protector Office Romance

I didn’t feel threatened by his presence. I didn’t feel scared or worried… and I’d been nothing but for the last two years.

I could tell someone had hurt her.
I could see she was trying to fly under the radar, to go unnoticed.
I’d been around women that shared similar fates too much in my life not to have seen that look on her face.

But I saw her, I noticed. It was like a siren’s call.
How could I resist her, from the first day she stepped into my office? …that’s when everything changed.

Someone had hurt her, and that, in turn, made me want to hurt that someone.
If she’ll just let me in enough to tell me who it was…
When I find them, there’ll be hell to pay.

I had to make her mine… my Jessica.

Mine to keep safe.
Mine to protect.
Mine to love, to show her what a real man is like.

Mine to cherish.

(Note: Contains themes which may be distressing to some readers. Recommended 18+.)

Protecting Her: An Enemies to Lovers Fake Fiancé Romance

“I need your help.”

Not words I’d anticipated to hear from my best friend’s widow.
I’d known Samantha for years, hadn’t trusted her during any part of that time.
The gold digging b*tch.

But now she’s being transformed before my very eyes.
Almost five years’ worth of memories swirling around.
Disbelief. Uncertainty. Bewilderment.

And it’s damn irritating…

Can I believe her?
Can I trust my own memories?
Can I protect her son from being taken away from her?

That’s what she’s asking for…
My help to protect her son.
To protect them both.

She’s called everything into question.
The past… present… and our future.
Sh*t. Could I be falling for her?

(Note: This book was previously published under the title Believing Her.)

Needing Her: A BDSM Secret Baby Romance

Those intense, blue eyes had such an effect on me… a pull that I couldn’t resist. And the man they belong to doesn’t even realize that he has changed my life forever…

Hailey was my distraction. I buried my frustrations in her.
hurt her because of how unhappy I was with my life.
It’s been haunting me ever since.

No one had ever told me I looked unhappy before.
No one had ever run away from me before.
No one had ever made me want to run after her before.

I needed to gain closure… at least attempt to apologize.
But there’s more than I bargained for when I find Hailey again.
She’s kept something from me… Something I need.

Something that has changed our lives forever.

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Each book is a stand-alone with toe-curling romantic scenes and REAL love. There’s no cheating, no cliffhangers, no escaping the oh-so-satisfying steaminess, and a guaranteed HEA! So scroll up and ONE-CLICK this box-set now!

About Annabelle

Annabelle Love is a steamy contemporary romance author who fell in love with romance at an early age, and after dreaming about hot alphas and their sassy women, decided to write her own steamy stories for you to enjoy!

Annabelle loves to write ‘down to earth’ romance with real people, real problems and authenticity you can relate to. Her books always have that touch of REAL LOVE, plenty of steam, and a Happy Every After that will leave you with a smile.

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