Every Day I Loved You

A Friends to Lovers Romance. . .


Logo t-shirts, glasses with frames 2 sizes too big,
and a hard-core love of ice cream and rock music.
That’s how I’d describe my best friend, Liam.
Back then, we were inseparable.

I took off to California with my new college boyfriend, Roger,
ready to get away from the dirt and cows in my podunk town
wanting to start a new life with him.

Fired, dumped, and evicted my life was reduced
to a box of cereal without any milk.
Nowhere to go except back home,
where I had left everything and everyone behind.

Athletic build, five o’ clock shadow and that
same of love of salted, caramel ice cream and music.
That’s how I’d describe Liam, six years later.
Except, he wasn’t my best friend anymore.

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