Dirty Alliance

Officer Myles Burton was as cocky as they come.

He had it all in the cards–tall, dark, and handsome. The former Army Ranger loved his life and his job on the Columbia SWAT team. Joining the police force after leaving the military had always been the plan. Meeting a beautiful woman who knew her way around weapons hadn’t been.

Roxxy Sutton shouldn’t be fantasizing about one of the cops she was brought in to audit. Her family’s company, Logistics Intelligence Services, was the leading expert in the industry when it came to tactical teams. Reviewing protocols and procedures weren’t as exciting as the handsome, muscular man who captured her attention. His dark eyes made her want to do things that no decent southern lady would admit to.

Like a moth to a flame, Myles can’t stay away from Roxxy. There is no fighting this attraction. Even with rising tension at the station, she’s his lovely distraction from work. She’s the one glimmer of sunshine in a war that is ravaging the city. When trouble comes for Roxxy, there is no other man more qualified to rescue her…


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