A sinister madman is collecting cursed objects and plotting a ritual that will change everything…








Quiet and withdrawn, Jami Chase is going to have to risk it all to stop it.

When Jami realizes her friends and family are at risk she leaves her quiet little Colorado hometown behind and finds herself scubadiving for a wrecked plane off the coast of a Greek island. The sun and ocean breeze provide a stunning distraction but she’s interrupted by a sexy stranger that needs her help and a crew of men who think kidnapping is cool.

Jami and Val quickly discover the truth about the necklace they’re searching for and find themselves on the run. Can they find a way to destroy the pendant before the ritual has begun, or will this be the moment that magic is unleashed on the world?

Readers are loving this cross between “Romancing the Stone” and “Indiana Jones”, falling in love with the sexy leads, their snarky comments, and their mission to save their friends – and the world.


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Melissa grew up moving all over the world while her father was in the Air Force, including Spain, Germany, Greece and England. She’s been chased by terrorists, changed her mind about what she wanted to do with her life about a million times, and spent years writing for herself before daring to publish her first novel. She has also managed to raise two children with her husband without killing anyone. Mostly. She lives in the gorgeous Colorado mountains with her family and three dogs, Ty, Remy and Chewie.

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