A secret guild. Four men vying for her heart. A decision that will change everything.







Once a snake, always a snake, huh? No matter how much Luna tries to prove herself, everyone will always blame her for the invasion of the Guild and theft of a dangerous spell book. Well, to hell with them. Luna hasn’t got time to convince them otherwise, juggling her studies, magic practice, three handsome guardians and a mysterious stranger that she can’t stay away from.

When a dark spell unlocks her memories, she opens a door she’ll never close. Monsters court monsters, and turns out, she’s one of them. But she’s not the only one hiding dark secrets. She’s going to have to tap into that darkness if she wants to save her home, her school and her men from the looming threat of the serpents.


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About Skylar 

Never say never. That’s Skyler’s attitude, and she fills her heroines and heroes with that same philosophy. Skyler is an Aussie who loves traveling and her goal is to one day visit every country in the world. When she’s not writing, she’s snuggling with a good book and her furbabies. At heart she’s a gaming nerd, Pilates and martial arts enthusiast.

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