Cards of Death

A Supernatural Fantasy Box Set!

Looking for a fast-paced YA story full of magic, demons, angels, spells and ghosts? Then you’re in the right place! Cards of Death is a thrilling series for fans of Supernatural and Grimm and everyone else who loves stories full of action and paranormal madness. Dive into this adventure and you’ll never want to leave.

Book 1: Caught in a magical world he never knew existed, Dante has only one choice: fight or die.

When Dante Banner inherits a house full of ghosts, his average teenager life changes in an instant. The ghosts introduce themselves as his Shield, brought back from the dead to fight the Devil with him.
Two cards appear on his brand new doorstep, pointing to the soul the Devil needs to get to Earth. All Dante has to do to keep him in Hell is save that soul.

Dante doesn’t want anything to do with those Cards of Death, but when an army of demons tries to kill him and the people he loves, there is no other choice but to fight.
Still, there’s so much he doesn’t know yet about the magical world. Will the powers hidden within him be enough to survive and save everyone?

Book 2: After a terrifying premonition, Dante knows for sure his destiny is not yet fulfilled. A new set of demonic cards appears. To keep the Devil in Hell, Dante has to save the person they point to. He is the only one who can, but he will need all the powers he can gather to succeed.
However, the Shield of ghosts that protects him has weakened and he doesn’t have full control over his own powers yet.

Dante barely has time to register the depth of the magical world he has just discovered before more evil comes his way. Devilish surprises jump him from every corner. Will he be strong enough to save the world, and himself?

Book 3: A battle with the Devil, a curse and a house full of ghosts.

That is what 16-year-old Dante Banner inherited from his father. According to an ancient prophecy he is the powerful Mage that will stop the Devil from reaching the Earth.
It all sounds so promising and hopeful, but nothing is ever as easy as it looks in the magical world. Especially when bad luck follows you around, making it even more difficult to save the souls the Devil needs to escape Hell.
And it’s not just bad luck on his tail. From the depths of the Shadow World a powerful ally rises to help Lucifer…

Extract from book 1
It’s hot here. Too hot. Sweat pours down my face in rivers. I don’t know how long I have been standing here. Screams come from all around me and give me goose bumps. It’s like I am in a hellish version of an amusement park. The sky is a black hole streaked with orange. Flames rise up high in the distance. A loud scraping noise tears through my body. I shiver and start walking towards the fire.
Every step is a struggle. My body keeps urging me to turn around and run. But I don’t, because somehow I know something important lies ahead. Something I have to see.
My legs seem to weigh more by the minute. It takes all my strength to lift them, but I keep going, focusing on the flames in the distance.
And then I hear it. It starts as a soft whisper. Although, soft is not the right word for this. It is like a needle being pushed into my ears. I clamp my hands against my head, but still the piercing sound resonates through my body. I walk faster to escape the horrible noise, but there is no way to escape it. It gets louder with every step, no matter which way I go.
I can understand the words now and they send shivers down my spine.
“It’s time. No one is going to stop me anymore.”


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About Tamara

Tamara Geraeds has always loved writing. She wrote her first poem when she was six and started working on her first book at the age of fifteen.
According to Tamara, life is too short to get bored. That’s why her stories are always fast-paced, and there are surprises around every corner.
Fantasy is Tamara’s favorite genre. She’s still trying to find her own magical powers. So far she has dicovered the power of writing and hugging.
Since Tamara likes a good challenge, don’t be surprised if she announces a brand new horror or romantic series next.

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