Caleb’s Regret

A story full of alpha male deliciousness and panty-melting sexiness!


I would have done anything for Amber; she meant the world to me.

But that world was full of fighting and petty arguments.

When she left, I’d raged and tried to find her.

When I failed, I swore off women forever and focused on my brothers in the Forever Midnight Motorcycle Club.

She’d gone for good, or so I thought…


Caleb is the love of my life. I’ve never gotten over him.

But I had to leave.

I have a child…

Every fiber of my being prays that it’s Caleb’s, but how could I look him in the face and tell him I’m not sure?

How could I tell him the baby I love may have been fathered by my attacker?

One thing’s for certain, I’m back, and I’m bringing a truck load of trouble with me.


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