Academy of Spells & Wishes


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Welcome to the Academy of Spells And Wishes. Delve into eleven tales of lessons, magic, and academy life.

Whether you want to fall in love, or just go on an adventure, there’s something for everyone in this collection!


Lamps and Lies by Laura Greenwood, USA Today Bestselling Author
When Alyeesah’s secret is discovered, she’s blackmailed into doing things she doesn’t want to do, and loses the Prince she’s been falling for in the process.

Queen’s Academy by Skye MacKinnon, USA Today Bestselling Author
Drake has been dreaming of Mary, Queen of Scots. As a professor at the famous Time Travel Academy, he knows better than to meddle with the timeline of one of the most important women in history. When he realises the dreams are much more than his imagination, he decides he will save Mary, no matter whether it will cost his career.

Destiny Calling by Debbie Cassidy, USA Today Bestselling Author
Mythology teacher by day, slayer by night. That’s all I thought I was until Mr. Tall, Dark, and Dangerous rolled into town. Now my reality is about to be challenged, and nothing will ever be the same again.

Rebel Academy: Confess by Rosemary A Johns, USA Today Bestselling & Award-Winning Author
Fox, a shifter and a mage, discovers a deadly secret in the coven-run Rebel Academy for supernatural bad boys. When he’s drawn into the mysteries, rivalries, and loves between the powerful immortals and dangerous princes, what if he frees the wickedest witch of them all…?

Paranormal Competitors by Nicole Zoltack, USA Today Bestselling Author
Logan the werewolf hopes that being partnered with the lovely lamia Synine for a competition will finally give him the courage to ask her out… but first, they have to survive the competition.

Moon Academy by Catherine Banks, USA Today Bestselling Author
Being adopted by a werewolf pack means Sarah’s life is never simple. Being the last witch means she must choose Guardians from Moon Academy who are capable of not just protecting her body, but her heart and mind as well. If only choosing was so simple.

The Case Of The Puppy Academy by Arizona Tape, USA Today Bestselling Author
There’s a mystery at the puppy academy and it’s not who is a good boy. During Samantha’s hellhound class, a precious ring goes missing and it’s up to her to find the thief.

Existence by Anna Santos, International Bestselling Author
There are three things I know for a fact: I’m dead. Angels exist. I’m becoming one, just not the fluffy and harmless type.

Welcome To The Free World by Victoria DeLuis
Tiger’s may be are solitary creatures, but when the school bully goes missing, Brianna can’t help but be drawn deeper into solving the case.

Darkest Dagger by Chris Coleman
Bognar, son of the dwarf lord Hagen, feels like a failure because he can’t hear the rocks sing or do any normal dwarven magic. However, in an unlikely turn of events, Bognar is sent to learn human magic at Jomsburg Academy.

Spooky Simmons’ Sing-Along Songs by Jessa Lucas
Spooky Simmons is ready for a clean slate among other Fringe witches at Sironia Academy of Charmed Arts. But Spooky has a secret: her drawings come to life, and the monsters prowling the halls of the academy are the same ones she’s been drawing…


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