Southern Riders

I need to stop her before she gets hurt,
I will do whatever I can to keep her safe.


Mysterious, rugged and hot as hell.
Daryl is quiet and suspect,
I know there’s more under the surface.
He has no idea how persistent I am
when it comes to fact-finding.

I am not someone who needs rescuing;
I am not a helpless, little girl.
Even though his hot body makes me melt,
He is too close to his brother, a man I am trying to catch.


She is opinionated, sexy and very determined,
She came into town like thunder.
She has a past; I do too.
Jessie doesn’t know what she’s getting into.

She can hunt my brother Wyatt, all she wants,
He is the leader of the Southern Riders.
They always get what THEY want.

I do not want to have to choose
Between her and my brother.
I am drawn to her,
All the damn time.


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About Robin

Robin Edwards was born in a small town in Maine. She primarily writes Contemporary Romance fiction as well as the occasional clean/sweet romance story all of which are written to get your heart pounding and your pulse beating. Her approach is to develop gotta love them and hate them characters and end the story happily ever after.

Her books are recommended for mature audiences, 18+ years of age who enjoy a unique choice of characters and situations with twists and turns that are diverse from the hum drum romance fiction.

In her free time, Robin Edwards likes to hike, travel and as a foodie that loves to try new restaurants and pubs.

Robin spends most of her free time outside of writing with her husband and 2 small children.

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Fae MisFortunes

It’s their first case. 

Sid & Sin are tasked to find the missing kids.
Then they hear that this has happened before.
To one of their family. 140 years ago.

Kids with a fae bloodline are being taken, and one may be Sin’s future son.
How is a guy supposed to plan his future with the perfect woman when her son is missing?

The twins are racing the clock to keep the past from imploding the present in this tale of old hatreds, jealousy, power, love, and the strength of family.

This is the second book in the Sid & Sin Series, a five-star, fast-paced ride from the author that reviewers say “…makes you believe in magic”.


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About T.K

T.K. Eldridge writes paranormal, supernatural, and urban fantasy. When she’s not writing, she’s enjoying life in the Blue Ridge mountains of western North Carolina (USA). Two dogs, two cats, a garden, a craft hobby and a love of Celtic Traditional music keep her from spending too much time at the computer.

Kyler’s Blind Date Seduction

Eight Blind Date books by the Hot Hunks Steamy Romance Collection. Kyler’s Blind Date Seduction Book 4

Melinda Buckingham is in a dating slump. She’d rather get her heart rate up with a sexy book than a messy, real-life romance. That’s why she is less than thrilled when she loses a bet and has to go on a blind date as a result. What she doesn’t expect is to be set up with her crush from high school, Kyler Sterns.

When Kyler Sterns agrees to go on a blind date, the last thing he imagines is to for his date to end up being the one who’d gotten away. In high school, they’d been in different social circles. He’d been the nerd and she the popular cheerleader. From the moment that he’d met Melinda, she ignited fantasies that he’d never shared with anyone. That’s why he isn’t surprised that the connection between the two of them is quick and intense.

Now he just has to convince Melinda that real-life romance is worth the risk with the right person.

Whether it’s an unexpected discovery, a curveball thrown your way, an explosive situation to defuse, a seduction on the horizon, a developing experiment, a dilemma to work out, a mystery to solve, or a debacle in the making. These eight blind dates by eight authors have one thing in common. Hot hunks finding their ladies!

The next in the Hot Hunks Steamy Romance Collection brings you swoon-worthy blind dates to make your pulse race, your body tingle, and your heart sing for more!


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Natalie Ann- Grey’s Blind Date Discovery – Book 1
Angela Stevens- Logan’s Blind Date Curveball – Book 2
Jen Talty- Cove’s Blind Date Blows Up – Book 3
Stephanie Morris- Kyler’s Blind Date Seduction- Book 4
Alicia Street- Tyler’s Blind Date Experiment – Book 5
Katie O’Sullivan- Ed’s Blind Date Dilemma – Book 6
Suzanne Jenkins – Marty’s Blind Date Mystery- Book 7
Tamara Ferguson- Jack’s Blind Date Debacle- Book 8

About Stephanie

Stephanie Morris is a USA Today bestselling author who writes steamy contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and paranormal.