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Witches. Werewolves. Dragon Shifters. Strange Ville just got stranger.








My best friend is murdered.

And I fear I know who did it.

Those sudden blackouts. Things I don’t even recall I did. Recurring dreams of me being taken to that dark cave by cold-looking witches.

The dark witch within is taking over.

Trevor senses I’m acting strange; typical trait of a wolf. Noctus, the dragon shifter-slash-my ex, is still missing.

For everyone’s sake, I must find the way before an unstoppable evil is unleashed.

Don’t miss this second instalment of Land of Shifters paranormal romance series. Fans of teen werewolf and witch fiction and young adult action adventure fantasy romance will also love this action-packed and suspenseful tale set in a mysterious small town.


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About Mira

Since young, Mira loves fantasy romance with strong female protagonists and perilous adventures to magical realms and parallel universes to visit dragons, witches, shifters, and fairy tale creatures, bringing heroes and heroines together and aiding their epic fantasy battles against dark enemies so they can have the happily-ever-afters they deserve.

When she grew up, she takes a liking to young adult stories, which explains her passion writing in the young adult fantasy romance genre. Her books are clean romance with character development as the prime focus. Even now, she still journeys to fantasy realms whenever she’s not writing.

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Ancient Magic – Relic Guardians



Relic Guardian. Defender of Mankind. Witch.









Magic is real – but you knew that, right?

​​​​​​​I’m Zoe Stark, and the last thing I need after saving London from a possessed African mask is the theft of another magical artefact – one that’s far more deadly.

​​​​​​​When Kukulkan’s Skull is found and promptly stolen, it’s up to me to recover this legendary relic before its demonic powers are unleashed upon mankind.

​​​​​​​With the Day of the Dead, and the zenith of the skull’s devastating powers fast approaching, I’m out of luck and out of time.

​​​​​​​Not knowing who to trust or where to turn for help, it’s up to me to save the world, but first, I have to save myself.

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About Meg

Meg is a USA Today bestselling fantasy author who loves everything magic and dragons. She works best when fuelled by margherita pizza, earl grey tea, and characters who won’t do what they’re told.

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About Victoria

Victoria DeLuis is a short story author and novelist, who loves reading – everything – and writing urban fantasy, supernatural romantic suspense, cosy mysteries, and the occasional sci-fi.

She was born and raised in South Wales, where she still lives with her husband, daughter, three overlord cats and a doting dog. This offers her a rich heritage and mythology to use in her stories.

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