To Prevent New Allies

Florence is supposed to recruit three magical girls to help her create something that will help the entire world.  That should be easy, right?

Well . . . one of them wants to be bribed.

One of them doesn’t speak English.

And one of them disagrees with her entire purpose.


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Books in the Magical Mayhem series:
Book One: To Prevent World Peace
Book Two: To Prevent Chic Costumes
Book Three: To Prevent Clear Paths
Book Four: To Prevent Smart Choices
Book Five: To Prevent Warm Welcomes
Book Six: To Prevent Cute Mascots
Book Seven: To Prevent Fresh Starts
Book Eight: To Prevent New Allies

About Emily

Emily writes clean fantasy adventures with clever characters, fun plots, and lots of humor. She’s a bit of an oddball.  She refuses to write the normal clichés; she write the unique stories she believes need to exist.

Why, yes, that does mean her young adult shapeshifter is a werevulture. She use words like “proprioception” in a children’s book, and she has telepathic baby dragons rampaging around the 1920s.  What?  Doesn’t everybody?

Oh, and yes, she totally has an agenda.  She wants people to laugh when they read her books, and finish them feeling like they’ve had a great time and maybe even learned something new.

You can find out more or connect with Emily on:


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