The Great Keeper Boxset

Follow the brave and adventurous Reeves family as they fight against external and internal perils beyond imagination – only to meet new, bigger ones in each generation!

When the resourceful Armand Reeves and beautiful Adele decided to overthrow a corrupt government, they didn’t keep in mind that Nature doesn’t like emptiness…
A much greater peril has come to France, and the pair has to learn to use their powers and find allies – in order to save the humanity.


Captain Dana Reeves must protect what’s left of the human race from complete destruction.
A young woman with a great destiny in a dystopian future finds herself facing a powerful enemy. A genetic engineering company seeks to destroy what’s left of humanity using a new innovation against the Journeymen, ordinary human beings.

Captain Dana Reeves is not an ordinary human being, but has abilities that enable her to summon the earth, wind, water and fire in a bid to watch over the defenseless humans that remain. She must use her wits and heart against the enemy to protect mankind.

Amidst the turmoil, she finds comfort in the arms of a man who will change the course of her future. They must both go against the forces that keep them apart and leave behind the beliefs that have made them who they are.

This boxset combines Shake, Drown and Freeze in a single file! A great choice for Kindle Unlimited.


This boxset combines Shake, Drown and Freeze in a single file!  A great choice for Kindle Unlimited and only 99p/c for a limited time only!