Spin: A Fairy Tale Retelling

A necklace, a ring, a child…There is always a price one is willing to pay. 

Laila sees her impending death in the mountains of straw waiting to be spun into gold. Faced with the impossible, she makes the impossible decision to survive, no matter what the cost.

A shadowy stranger sees an opportunity for vengeance. 

Born to a nightmarish destiny that crushed and embittered his faith in humanity, he devotes himself to dealing in dark desires and desperate souls, and Laila’s is ripe for the trade.

When the stranger asks his price, Laila is bound by blood and magic to pay. 

His own heart was never supposed to be part of the deal, but when honor drives Laila to break their bargain, he ends up tangled in his own web of deceit and destruction in a desperate attempt to save her life. In the black of night, there are no fairytales, only choices.

One choice makes a queen. One choice consumes a soul. It’s a roll of the dice in a game where love is everyone’s undoing. 


Check out this quick snippet:

“Now, why would you want to do a silly thing like that?” an amused voice asked.

Heart racing, I spun around, shocked and confused as to who would be speaking to me in this locked cell.

I expected to see one of the king’s guards checking on my progress. Instead, I found a most peculiar man, his striking appearance commanding attention.
Black hair framed a pale complexion. Though thin, he stood straight with an air of great strength barely contained. His mouth smiled wryly, but his gray eyes held storms.

“Who…who are you?” I asked, my voice shaking as he walked towards me with a firm step.

“Obviously someone who is keeping you from making a rather poor decision,” he quipped, removing the torch from my hand and placing it back where it belonged, “You must really hate it here to be so desperate. You do know there are more pleasant ways to kill oneself?”

He stared at me, waiting for an answer. I was unable to reply, still trying to comprehend how this strange man was down here with me at all.

With a shrug, he moved past me over to the spinning wheel. He ran his long finger down the wheel, producing a happy purr from the machine.

“You see, I sensed you might be in need of some assistance. You must forgive the impertinence, but that’s what I do, and by the looks of things, it appears I am correct,” he said, his gaze meeting my own once more, causing me to chill.
“Are you here to rescue me?” I asked stupidly, my mind reeling.

He laughed.

“In a manner of speaking, though I think it might be in a different way than you are hoping.”

In an instant, he was standing right before me, my eyes hardly able to follow the speed with which he moved. My heart hammered in a new flush of panic. What sort of man was this?

Placing a hand over his own heart he gave a small bow, continuing, “I’m here to offer my services. You see, I just happen to have quite the talent for spinning straw into gold.”

For a moment I felt I had been granted a miracle and was overjoyed. Hard, cold reality stopped such foolishness, reminding me that this stranger’s offer was not feasible.

“You mock me. How do you expect me to believe something so impossible?” I demanded, “No one can do that.”

“You are the logical sort, aren’t you? I like that,” he said, nonchalantly plucking a twig from my hair and inspecting it under his slender nose. “Well, if logic is what you desire, then you must realize it is already quite impossible that I am down here with you at all, and yet, here I am! I defy reason. So, don’t you think you at least owe me the courtesy to prove my skill?”

It aggravated me unreasonably that his point was valid. I had not heard one click of the lock or cry of the hinges of the door announcing his entrance. Somehow he managed to appear out of thin air.

“Alright,” I agreed, still hesitant as to his means and motives, but viciously curious to watch his reaction when he inevitably failed.

He was already positioned at the spinning wheel before the word left my mouth, stretching his fingers. There was not a single indication of doubt or trepidation in his manner. Poise emanated from him.

“Prepare to be dazzled,” he smirked, removing a bobbin from one of the baskets and slipping it into place with an odd kind of delicacy.


Spin, Genevieve Raas’ debut fantasy novel, is a twisted, sexy retelling of one of Grimm’s classic tales and the first book in the Spindlewind Trilogy. You can grab your copy on Amazon now!