Of Witches and Werewolves

Check out these amazing books in Cory Barclay’s Of Witches and Werewolves Supernatural Mystery Series.

Devil in the Countryside

Described by an amazon review as “A skin prickling, puzzling, page turner.” Devil in the Countryside is a story about the most famous werewolf investigation in history, brimming with intrigue and war, love and betrayal, and long-kept vendettas.

It’s 1588, the height of the Reformation, and a killer is terrorizing the German countryside. There are reports that the legendary Werewolf of Bedburg has returned to a once-peaceful land. Heinrich Franz, a cold and calculating investigator, is tasked with finding whomever — or whatever — the killer might be. He’ll need all the help he can get, including that of a strange hunter who’s recently stumbled into town. Though they’re after the same thing, their reasons are worlds apart. And through it all, a priest tries to keep the peace among his frightened townsfolk, while a young woman threatens his most basic beliefs.

In a time when life is cheap and secrets run rampant, these four divergent souls find themselves entwined in a treacherous mystery, navigating the volatile political and religious landscape of 16th century Germany, fighting to keep their sanity — and their lives.

Devil in the Countryside is currently available an Amazon for only 99c and is also available to read in Kindle Unlimited!

In the Company of Wolves

It’s 1592. Europe is in chaos. Religious factions have torn the region apart and witch-hunts have become a part of everyday life.

In the Company of Wolves follows three groups of travelers – a fearless female pirate roaming the North Sea, a priest and his wife escaping to England to avoid persecution, and a young thief from the slums of Germany looking for a better life. Each has a different reason for venturing out in such tumultuous times — fear, greed, family secrets.

Is the Werewolf of Bedburg still alive, roaming the countryside and killing innocent citizens? Many believe he’s still out there — that religious and political leaders have forsaken the truth in their cunning quest for power.

As each traveller searches for individual answers, these three seemingly separate stories converge in a place which may hold the key for them all. Based on true events involving one of the deadliest witch trials in European history, this tale of adventure, mystery, and the search for truth reminds us that, ultimately, no one is safe. . . in the company of wolves.

In the Company of Wolves is available on Amazon for only $2.99 and is also available to read in Kindle Unlimited!


Cory Barclay, is an author and musician from San Diego, CA. When he’s not writing, he’s probably playing guitar with his band Blood Dancer, or enjoying some other debaucherous activity.

You can learn more about Cory and his books on his website, or connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.