In The Blood

My best friend wants to kill the man I love.
And he may be right.

I used to think I was crazy because of the visions in my head. But since Antonio Vitale walked into my life, the world has become a weirder place.

I’ve discovered I’m not quite human, not quite shapeshifter, my parents are dead and Antonio may be responsible. My shapeshifter kin are baying for his blood, which would be much easier to deal with if he wasn’t so damn hot.

His is the one mind I want to read, and the only one I can’t. I don’t know if I can trust him. I don’t even know whose side I’m really on.

If I choose right, I’ll find out the truth behind my parents’ death.

If I choose wrong, I’ll end up with fatal blood-loss.

In The Blood is a heart-stopping, passionate vampire romance, full of twists and turns that will leave you wanting more. If you love vampires, shapeshifters and dark urban fantasy, then you’ll love H.B. Lyne’s thrilling new book.

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About H.B. Lyne

Holly has always lived close to the dark side, never quite mastering the ability to force choke but contemplating it during dark times. Black eye liner was a permanent fixture in her bag or back pocket during the goth years. Lighter moments have included a fascination with unicorns and firm belief in faeries well into adulthood. Jotting down these observations in multiple forms has always been a habit.

Juggling bean bags, fluffy poi and an adult-weighted hula hoop have all had their brief place in recreation, but all are now consigned to the land of lost treasures.

These days, when not chasing two chaotic munchkins around, Holly somehow engineers time to write fantasy. Her series, Echoes of the Past, is the tale of one young shape shifter’s epic struggle to reconcile her humanity with her inner demon, whilst battling very real demons who threaten both humans and shifters alike.

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