Hidden: Book Two in The Rune Witch Mysteries

One death, one pledge, one price to pay!

There’s nothing better than a walk amongst the trees with the man I love. So, how dare someone disrespect the sanctity of life and my forest along with it!

With the body of a murdered young man placed at my feet, there’s not a chance on Earth, I’m not using all the power at my disposal to find the killer. Even if that means I have to put on hold my quest to discover the magical curse that plagues my family.

I’ll fight to the end to discover the truth, but what do I do when the man I love wants to fight for me?

I’m a pawn in a game I’m only just beginning to comprehend, but I’m not the only one.

Check out this quick snippet:

“What can we do about it?” I asked and felt my anger at the detective Inspector seep away. “More to the point, should we do anything?”

Thomas looked at me with incredulity written all over his face. “You’re telling me, we find the body of a young man dumped unceremoniously on our doorstep and you’re not going to look into it?”

I sighed. “I didn’t say that. I’m just… I just wonder if we should get involved. This is a murder investigation in the human world. Who knows what trouble it could bring? Don’t we have enough of our plates looking into the curse?”

Thomas reached out and pulled me into a hug. “That’s all the more reason for us to take the case. You’ve been fretting about the curse since the day Rhoslyn mentioned it. I know you’re desperate to find out the truth about what happened to your nana, but I honestly think there’s only one person who can help you with that.”

“Mam.” I threaded my arms around Thomas’ waist and listened to his heartbeat along with his words.

“Yes, your mam.” Thomas sighed. “Maybe we should find out who really killed Lee Page before Owens decides to charge us with murder. I don’t think he’s going to be looking beyond us, at least for the time being. After that… after that, we could hop on a plane and visit your mam. It would be hard for her to slam the phone down if you show up in person.”

“She could always slam the door in my face.”

“And we could always bash it down.”

I laughed. “I can see that going down well. ‘Hi, Mam, sorry about the door, this is Thomas by the way. Love of my life.’” I sighed. “You really think Owens will try to pin this murder on us?”

“There’s not a doubt in my mind. I don’t think he’ll be successful, but by the time he realises he’s barking up the wrong tree, whoever did kill Lee Page could be long gone.”

Thomas was right, and I couldn’t understand my reluctance to take the case. It was as though I had a nagging voice at the back of my mind screaming at me to stay out of it, that only trouble would follow. That body was dumped in our forest and it made me wonder if we were connected; was it a message, a warning of some sort? I hadn’t felt the heavy rolling of my stomach and sluggish thumping in my chest since I saw Thomas lying prostrate on the ground during the Platt case. The vision of him laying there still haunts my dreams. For a second, I hadn’t known if he was alive or dead. His wards had released the magical trap set by Rebecca Platt, creating a backlash that knocked Thomas for six, shattered my heart, and sent my mind screaming. Maybe everything would set me on edge from now on?

Maybe it was related to the curse?

As soon as the thought surfaced in my head, I knew Thomas was doubly right. I was too focused on this stupid curse that it was clouding my judgement on everything else. Even if Owens wasn’t hell bent on pinning the murder on us, I somehow felt we owed it to Lee Page to find out the truth of what happened to him. We could, I knew that, and as we may be the only ones who could, we should. I didn’t want his murder to remain unsolved.

“Okay,” I said after taking one last whiff of Thomas’ delicious scent and pushing away. “A human murder case probably isn’t that different to a supernatural one. So, where do we start?”

Thomas rubbed my arms and smiled. “There’s my girl,” he said. “We start the same place we always start.”

“Where’s that?”

“The kitchen. I’m starving and you must be, too. There’s no way we can solve a murder, supernatural or otherwise, on an empty stomach.”

“There’s my boy,” I said laughing. “Always getting his priorities straight.”

“Too right. Omelette sound good?”

“Omelette sounds great.”


Hidden is currently available on Amazon, but if you haven’t read the first book, you can get Taken here, or even check out the Rune Witch Mysteries Boxset of books one and two!