Forbidden Darkness

The vampire race is dying. Love could save it—or cause it to go extinct.

Reinis is a vampire who’s been assigned to mate with a human, to create a prophesied child that will save his coven. The woman chosen for him is Sarma—a beautiful girl who brings Reinis to his knees.

Reinis knows the law. This is strictly business. If he falls for Sarma, he faces execution.

But too late—Reinis is in love with Sarma already.

Fresh out of a bad relationship, Sarma has no clue about the dark, seductive world Reinis is from. She’s thrown headfirst into a secret world of vampires as Reinis marks her as his mate and gives her night after magical night.

Yet a rival coven is after Sarma… and they will do anything to prevent the prophecy from coming true.


Fans of Bella Forrest and Dannika Dark are going to love this sexy and thrilling love story! This hot paranormal vampire romance will delight readers who enjoyed A Shade of Vampire and Keystone.

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Author Bio

Scarlett West writes steamy, paranormal romance featuring sexy vampires. Deep characters and hot romance are her thing. An avid reader and writer who will never stop dreaming, Scarlett has traveled to many countries and been on tons of adventures. She draws her stories from these places, life experiences, and her grand imagination.

Besides writing, she’s a hobby herbalist and a dancer. If she’s not by the computer typing these things up, she can be found in a forest, on a mountain, or by the ocean.


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