Fish(y) out of Water

Suzanna Kane’s move to big-city Boston might have been the first failure in Plan: Adult Life that a bottle of wine couldn’t fix.

The only thing unpacked in Zanna’s new post-university, parent-free apartment was her pet fish. And it was dead.

…As was the body she stumbled over later that night.

These feel like omens for something fishier when an anonymous author starts emailing a chapter a day to her publishing firm of a serial murder plot that all too coincidentally seems to mirror her own life, blurring reality and fiction and threatening to leave her belly up in the Charles River no matter how many pets she replaces to appease Karma.


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About L.B

L.B. Carter is a bookworm, Earth scientist and cat-mom with a penchant for sarcasm and alliteration adoration. As such, her novels are a myriad of dark fantasy, science, mystery, nature, humor and a touch of romance. Like her favorite book, Le Petit Prince, L.B. believes what’s important to the heart is not seen with the eyes… but, she thinks, sometimes visible with imagination. Curled up in front of a winter fire with a book, fairy lights, spiced hot chocolate, her snuggly Mr. Cat, and something she baked is her happy place.

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