A kick-ass heroine with pyrokinetic abilities and a license to kill. Enter Alec…vampire, scholar, and worst of all–fan. What could possibly go wrong?

Diana, the fire Elemental, is nearly burned out.  Tired of traveling the world and losing innocent lives, she’s slowly slipping into a depression that may consume her. But when she discovers that a child’s life is in danger, she feels compelled to help.  However, teaming up with one of the most powerful vampires in North America is the last thing she wants to do.

Academic scion, Alec Broussard prefers his studies over the opulent and vicious lifestyles of vampires. And when he learns of another missing child, Alec can’t shake the suspicion that his coven may be to blame.  Joining forces with an Elemental may be his only hope to save the child and clear his coven’s name.

As Diana and Alec work together to save the children, they must relinquish their prejudices and trust one another. In time, Alec is wearing down the walls around her.  But just when their friendship intensifies, Alec’s future is threatened.  Now, it’s up to Diana to save him before it’s too late.  Can this Elemental find the fire within her to protect him once and for all?


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Books in the Elementals series

Book One: Fire

Book Two: Air

Book Three: Water

About L.B. Gilbert

L.B. Gilbert is another name for USA Today Bestselling Author Lucy Leroux.

L.B. is an award-winning author who spent years getting degrees from the most prestigious universities in America, including a PhD that she is not using at all. She moved to France for work and found love. She’s married now and living in Toulouse with one adorable half-french baby.

She has always enjoyed reading books as far from her reality as possible but eventually the voices in her head told her to write her own. And so far the voices are enjoying them.

Here are some places you can find out more about L.B and connect with her:


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