Fall of Magic

Magic and mystery. Witches and demons. Dragonborn and goddesses.

Forces of power clash, threatening worlds, and destroying lives. Heroes and heroines must step up to the challenge to save the gifted and mundane alike.

Devour 16 all-new urban fantasy stories in this exclusive anthology from best-selling and award winning authors.

Check out this quick snippet from Echoes of a Warlock by T.D. Moon available as one of the 16 stories in Fall of Magic:

Fear pounded in Camden Wolf’s chest. The rush of blood in his ears was all he could hear above his panting breaths. His lungs burned as panic, fear and pain conspired to destroy him. Yet he pressed on, forcing his feet to move up the granite staircase of his tower.

Camden’s robes swished against his legs, marking time with each step. A crimson stain spread on the gray cloth as it absorbed the blood that trickled, like a leaky faucet, from the wound in his side.

Camden heard death’s voice echo up from below him, cutting through the other noises.
“You cannot run from me,” the voice taunted. Its tone was low and deep yet it thundered in enclosed space.

Camden glanced back and lost his balance. His shoulder hit the wall and sent bolts of pain radiating from his wound. He gasped, blinking the spots free of his vision. A streak of blood marred the wall as he slid against it. Several steps later, he was able to shove off the wall and keep moving, a little faster this time.

Camden clutched his wound and swallowed the bile burning his throat. Nothing he had suffered in his past had shaken him this badly. This was a night like no other.

Given what he knew and what he owned, the young warlock had known that someone would come for him. It was always a matter of time. Tonight, his time had run out.

“Come on,” he hissed to himself through clenched teeth. He had prepared for this situation, mostly. The final piece had yet to be placed.

Just a little further.

Taking a deep breath, Camden continued to plod up the circular staircase. Looking up, he saw the doorway to his workshop. It was his only hope for salvation. He winced again; each step felt like it was tearing the wound open even more.

This climb has never felt so arduous.

“You cannot run from me.” The taunt came again, edged with malice.

Damn you! Camden chanced another glance over his shoulder. The leading edge of a shadow glided into view.

At that moment, Camden began to believe that the taunt might be true. His defenses had failed.

His magic had failed. Even his golems had failed.

If I survive this, there will be changes. He rushed up the last few steps to his workshop and stumbled. The floor seemed to move beneath Camden and his head felt light. He barely caught himself on the wall. Steadying himself on the edge of the windowsill beside the door, Camden peered outside.

Should I jump?


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