Ancient Magic: Book One in the Relic Guardian Series

Relic Guardian. Defender of Mankind. Witch.

Magic is real – but you knew that, right?

I’m Zoe Stark, and the last thing I need after saving London from a possessed African mask is the theft of another magical artefact – one that’s far more deadly.

When Kukulkan’s Skull is found and promptly stolen, it’s up to me to recover this legendary relic before its demonic powers are unleashed upon mankind.

With the Day of the Dead, and the zenith of the skull’s devastating powers fast approaching, I’m out of luck and out of time.

Not knowing who to trust or where to turn for help, it’s up to me to save the world, but first, I have to save myself.

Check out this quick snippet:

Our hands were bound so tightly I couldn’t feel my fingers, and our feet too, before we were half hauled, hand dragged outside and tossed into the back of a van like rolled up carpets. The metal floor was cold against my cheek, which stung from the force of the impact. In front of me, Juan’s eyes looked into nothing. He looked defeated, but I hadn’t given up yet. We were plunged into darkness as the doors slammed shut. A moment later, the engine rumbled to life, and the van shook us mercilessly.

“This isn’t over,” I warned him. “Where are they taking us?”

He did not reply.

“Juan. For goodness sake, snap out of it. I know this is hard to take, but if you don’t help me, we’re both dead. Do you want to die?”

That did it. His eyes met mine, a tiny gleam in the almost pitch black. Only the passing street lamps flashed intermittent flashes of orange light through the small window across us.


“Then help me. We still have a mission. Gonzalez is Magicai; he knows all about the power of the Kukulkan Skull, I’m sure. Do you want him to use it? To… to kill many innocent people? Or to raise an army of the living dead?”

“No, of course not.”

“Then explain, where are they taking us, and how do we get out of here?”

He jostled into me as the truck ran over a bump, and his head banged mine. For a moment, I saw stars.

“Sorry, Zoe.”

“Not your fault.” He couldn’t see my grimace in the dark.

“Nohol-ha is a cenote to the south of Cancun.”

“And?” I could send him holding back.

“It’s where the gangs dump bodies.” His voice was hollow, and I could sense the fear in him. I had to feel a little sorry for him; he was a nice guy, but I would bet, for as much as he had dealings with Araña, he didn’t know much of this world. He didn’t deserve to.

“Right. Well. At least I know. We know they’re going to act at some point sooner or later. I imagine Gonzalez will want to savour his victory before he acts, so we have time, but the quicker we can escape, the better. I think we’ll have no choice but to reveal ourselves to him, but we have to avoid it for as long as possible. Magic is the only ace card we get.”

“Huh?” He didn’t gamble, then. Or understand the saying.

“Nevermind. Can you loosen your ropes?”


“Just a little bit then. We’ll need to have the element of surprise.”

“You want to escape from the truck?”

“Not exactly. We won’t know what we’re escaping into. We’ll have to wait for the right moment.”

“Are you sure about this?”

“No.” Well, I had to be honest. I wasn’t sure. But I’d be damned if I wasn’t going to try.

With a flash of magic, our bonds loosened – not entirely, but so we could slip our hands and feet loose if we wanted.

The van juddered to a halt and the engine cut out. Silence was immediate; I was deafened by the lack of sound after the loudness of the engine. A door slammed as feet crunched outside.

“Zoe,” Juan’s voice was low and urgent. “I’m sorry, ok? This is all my fault. If we don’t make it-”

“We’ll make it,” I said with as much determination as I could muster.

The door opened, and in the brief second before I was dragged out, I flashed him the best reassuring smile I had.


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