Clean & Wholesome Romance Book Fair & Giveaway

Love to read clean & wholesome books where the stories are sweet with closed door romance? Then check out this selection of books where you can be sure of no bad language or graphic scenes. Then check out the amazing giveaway where you can enter for the chance to win a $100 Gift Card!


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Book Fair & Giveaway

As George R.R.Martin once wrote, “… a mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge.”

Why not sharpen your minds with a good book, and after you’ve filled your eReader, don’t forget to enter our amazing giveaway for the chance to win a $200 Gift Card!

Fantasy and Science Fiction


Cosy Mystery


Historical Fiction/Romance Adult & Young Adult


Paranormal, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Romance




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Romance authors

Lexi Post

Melissa Belle

Author Quinn

Deborah Garland

Brandy Ayers

Addison Moore

Karen M. Bryson

Paranormal, Fantasy & Science Fiction Romance Authors:

E.B. Black

Briana Michaels

Mina Carter

Historical Fiction/Romance Adult & Young Adult Authors:

Julia Day

Rebecca Bryn

Alexa Aston

Marion Kummerow

Cosy Mystery authors:

Ani Gonzalez

P.D. Workman

Susan Boles

Avery Daniels

Pamela Martin

Fantasy & Sci-fi authors:

Aaron Hodges – Epic Fantasy author

Jennifer Silverwood – Fantasy author

Rhonda Hopkins – Fantasy & Science Fiction author

Victoria DeLuis – Contemporary Fantasy author