Shifters Eden


What is the price for love?













Fate left her in the hands of one of the worst criminals in the world. She has worked for him for years, completing every mission in order to protect the one she loves. Her next target is Brock Cascade, her final assignment. Her name is Jane Eden but to the underbelly of society she is the Red Widow.

Brock Cascade never expected his latest deal to include his mate. When Jane, the frigid red-haired beauty arrives to complete the transaction, he vows that nothing will stop him from taking what’s his, especially the woman sent to betray him.


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Enjoy the next installment in the bestselling Cascade Cougars Series . This Steamy Paranormal Romance is Intended For Mature Audiences *** 18+ Only

About Tia

Tia Didmon writes exotic paranormal romance and is happily married with three kids and one fur baby. While she calls Vancouver Island, Canada home. She loves to travel and can usually find a zipline along the way. She loves to connect with her readers as well as share her favorite meme’s. You can check those out on her Facebook page or Instagram.

The Restless Sands of Neel


Troublesome raiders?
Horses can outrun a raider.
A kid with untamed beast magic whose fear of raiders frightens said horses?
One overturned cart, countless bruises, and a bill of property damage later…









Ro’nor might have descended from dragons, but he wasn’t born with wings or special powers, and he can’t shift into their form. No bards will sing of his heroic deeds.

His only magic is a gift for scrying.

But his uneventful plans to foretell weather patterns in a distant desert are thrown from a far-too-literal cart when raiders spook his horses and he finds himself the de facto warden for a terrified kid only his guide can understand.

According to her, the kid’s family has been kidnapped by slavers. But with Ro’nor’s scrying skills and a careful redirection of the kid’s beast magic, he might be able to track the slavers and rescue the kid’s family.

Can he evade the dangers of the desert, mount a perilous rescue, and earn a tale that rivals the songs of his ancestors?


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Adventure through the scorching deserts of Cirena in this exciting novella…
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About Stephanie

Stephanie Flint (formerly Stephanie Bibb) graduated from the University of Central Missouri with a Bachelor of Science in photography and a minor in creative writing. She merged the two interests into book cover design and photographic illustration, but she particularly enjoys writing speculative fiction. She lives with her husband, Isaac. Together they plot stories in the form of table-top role-play games, and enjoy the occasional cosplay.

Online, Stephanie often goes by the nickname of SBibb.



Haughty Sloane Huyler reigns supreme from her perch at the forefront of Chicago’s elite society until a family scandal topples the beauty into her worst nightmare.









Losing her fortune, her fiancé, and her friends, as well as the family business Sloane finds herself stymied at every turn. Her exclusive world has all turned its back on her, all except the self-assured Randall Parker III, who cannot resist the brash beauty – or the challenge.

Sexy and uber-successful, but rough around the edges, Randall has been rebuffed by Sloane for years. He knows she is a handful, but he craves a handful of her. Although his friends warn him off, Randall sees his chance at last. Believing he can manage Sloane’s high and mighty ways. Randall sets out to use his power and influence to salvage her reputation, believing this will throw the grateful Sloane straight into his arms — and right into his bed.

Can Randall out-maneuver the manipulative Sloane? The attraction between the pair is already scorching when Randall turns up the heat. But will the icy beauty chill their fiery chemistry when she discovers she is beholden

Continue the Beguiling Bachelor series as Sloane and Randall set the pages of this sexy romance on fire.


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About Madison

Welcome to my world – a world of romance with handsome, successful heroes and sassy, independent women. Welcome to my world – Chicago. Tour the high-end and hip restaurants, bars and sites that make the ‘windy city’ worth a visit, even if only in books. I create stories filled with elegant parties, intrigue and suspense, and a generous smattering of hot, steamy sex. I love inventing this sumptuous world of wealth and power where romance makes the rules. Come along. Lose yourself in my imagination.

In summer I love to wander the world, in winter I prefer to hunker down. My spare time is spent hanging out with family, friends and felines. I gather inspiration by traveling and exploring, reading a ton and writing more. I live on red wine and caffeine – not imbibed together.

I value the authors who have helped me along the way and become friends; they are an added bonus to being an author. And I adore my fans. I sincerely welcome your comments and reviews. You can sign up for my monthly newsletter at for exclusive bonus content, announcements of upcoming books, special offers and more.

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