Inked Love

Toronto good girl Lexi Reynolds, has always followed the rules and put the desires of those she loves above her own. As it turns out…it was all for nothing. Ulterior motives are a bitch. A new city and a fresh start is just what Lexi needs. What she doesn’t need though, is a man. Lexi’s determined to find her own path this time, without the help of a man by her side or in her bed.

Women are a means to an end for Jean-Marc Dubois. He spends his time on the run from responsibility and commitment, except when it comes to his business. His Montréal tattoo shop is his pride and joy. His art is his release. Nothing else matters. That is of course, until drop dead gorgeous Lexi Reynolds unexpectedly walks into his life.

Different lives, different cities, different languages. Having nothing to lose is sometimes a good thing…until it isn’t.


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Dirty Alliance

Officer Myles Burton was as cocky as they come.

He had it all in the cards–tall, dark, and handsome. The former Army Ranger loved his life and his job on the Columbia SWAT team. Joining the police force after leaving the military had always been the plan. Meeting a beautiful woman who knew her way around weapons hadn’t been.

Roxxy Sutton shouldn’t be fantasizing about one of the cops she was brought in to audit. Her family’s company, Logistics Intelligence Services, was the leading expert in the industry when it came to tactical teams. Reviewing protocols and procedures weren’t as exciting as the handsome, muscular man who captured her attention. His dark eyes made her want to do things that no decent southern lady would admit to.

Like a moth to a flame, Myles can’t stay away from Roxxy. There is no fighting this attraction. Even with rising tension at the station, she’s his lovely distraction from work. She’s the one glimmer of sunshine in a war that is ravaging the city. When trouble comes for Roxxy, there is no other man more qualified to rescue her…


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Will their past set their future in flames?

Lily and her mother, Abigail, live a normal life. As normal as two runaway supernaturals can have. Hiding in plain sight from vampires, human hunters, and Lycanthropes. Both a living weapon caught in the middle of an age-old war that they don’t believe in.

Matthew has no idea how to live a normal life. Moving to a small town and going to school was something he had never thought possible. Struggling to recover from years of being poisoned by a man that broke his humanity. His past is tainted with blood and pain; his, others.

Destiny will bring them together, friendship turning into something stronger. But too soon, the secrets they’ve fought to hide are laid bare, shattering their mutual trust.

Can he accept who she truly is?

Can she forgive his past sins?

Will they fight together against the monsters that seek to break them?


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