Briar’s Mercy Medical Romance

A dangerous encounter. A passionate romance. A secret she can never escape…

Doctor Eliza Todd is on the run. Running from her past, running from her fiancé. And running from her shame. She wanted to start over and put her past behind her. But fighting off a gang of drug-addled thugs, and moving in with a man who’s almost a stranger, weren’t exactly what she had in mind.

All she wanted was a simple job as a general surgeon, a position where she could help people. A way to bring comfort to others, and herself as well. But as Roderic takes her into his home, and opens up his heart to her as well, Eliza realizes she needs to return the sentiment. Or risk losing him for good…

When her work at the hospital stirs up painful memories of her dark past, even Roderic’s caring bedside manner may not be enough to help her move on. And Eliza is forced to wonder… Was running away the right choice?

Or will her past follow her, no matter how hard she tries to hide…

This book has a cliff hanger. It is the second book in the Briar’s Mercy Medical Romance Series and is meant to be enjoyed by those over 18.


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Lord: MC and Curvy Girl Romance

I’m tired of the superficial billionaire lifestyle my parents force me to live, I just need to get away. Never do I expect to get caught up with an MC that would put my life in danger.


At first, she’s just a hot piece I picked up off the side of the highway.

But now I can’t seem to let her out of my sight.

I don’t know where these feelings are coming from, but I’m going to do whatever it takes to make her mine…and keep her away from dark past.


I was just looking for a wild ride, but then I get caught up in his eyes and his strong protective presence.

When trouble goes down with one of the bikers and I’m caught in the middle of a rivalry between two motorcycle clubs, I’m terrified and scared for my life.

Can I really trust the word of this complete stranger?


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Magi Legend: The Complete Magi Saga, Urban Fantasy Series.

Magi is real, lethal, and you can use it.
What do you do?

Life on New York’s streets is tough for Amanda. But a Magical destiny and an epic adventure await her.
After a werewolf attack unleashes her power, Amanda is drawn into a life of Magic and danger.

Dark Magi scheme from the shadows. Creatures of the night hunger for blood, and eldritch gods watch from the depths.

As prophecies are revealed and revelations uncovered, Amanda struggles to accept her magical heritage. She must learn to fight and stand against the darkness in this Epic Urban Fantasy Thriller.


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