The Witch’s Touch



Criminals are going missing.









Felons or not, Detective Meeks is duty-bound to find them, with little to go on but a suspicious encounter between the latest missing person and a local business owner. As the case unravels, Meeks struggles to make sense of a world he thought he understood. Yet this twist of fate could be his chance to truly making a difference to the community he holds dear.

Amanda Solanke is used to making waves, but never with the police. The last person to see the latest missing criminal, she is dragged to the heart of a police investigation. A small business owner in the eyes of the community, behind closed doors Amanda and her partner Leona guard a magical secret. The closer they are watched, the closer Amanda and Leona come to facing the ultimate danger: exposure.

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“A fantastic blend of magic and justice! Wylor-Owen pens a suspenseful yet humorous occult urban fantasy tale. The plot line is well-paced, with plenty of surprises revealed in a laid-back, matter-of-fact style” – Jeannie Richards, IHIBRP book reviews.

“What makes this a solid read is the fact it truly contains a nice twist by the end. I recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy or a fresh change of pace from their genre” – J.E. Klimov, author and book blogger.

About Rosie

Rosie Wylor-Owen was born in Worcester, England at the height of baggy jeans and boy-band popularity. Her work has been featured in the literary magazines The Fiction Pool, Anti-Heroin Chic and Ariel Chart, and the Manawaker Studios Podcast. Her short story “Arm-in-Arm with Alchemy” was accepted for publication by Otter Libris for inclusion in the anthology “Magical Crime Scene Investigation.” In February 2018 she won third place in the Fiction Writer’s Global flash fiction contest for her story “In Exchange for Your Sins”.

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Primal Nature



Immortality comes at a high price. Her sanity 









Known simply as subject 336, she was the unwilling subject of sinister and brutal experiments designed to replicate her enormous strength, healing powers, and apparent immortality.
It didn’t work that way. They unleashed her primal nature.
Now they’re dead and she’s lost.

From the sweltering heat of the Mexican desert, her journey leads her to the tropical jungle of the Columbian Amazon.
Against the backdrop of the Third World War, she fights her own gruelling battle to come to terms with what she is: a killer, a monster, or maybe worse.

The world is at war, and she is caught up in the middle.
Joining the revolution, her newfound talents sway the balance of war in their favor.

But is she a blessing, or a curse. 


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Books in the Primal series:

Primal Nature, Nature of the Beast, The Beast Inside, and Into the Lion’s Den.


About Monique

Monique Singleton writes compelling stories that mix fantasy with realistic psychological suspense and unique insights into the mind of the main characters.

As the daughter of a British soldier and his Dutch wife, Monique was born in an English military hospital in Germany. The family toured the world where she was exposed to different cultures in many countries. Finally settling down in the Netherlands she pursued a career in Art and later in ICT.
About six years ago Monique started to put the scenes she had running around in her head, down to paper.
Scenes led to a story, the story to a book, and the first book to a series.
In addition to her writing, Monique still holds down a full-time job as a business consultant. She lives in a beautiful old farmhouse in the south of Holland with her two sloppy monster dogs, some horses, and a cat.
The cat is the boss.

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Jess, Rising



Winner, 2016 Romance Writers of America Joyce Henderson Contest for Young Adult romance.

(Under its working title, Girl with the Sun on her Heart.)







Seventeen-year-old Jess Flowers sees the killer in visions. He’s a shadow, stalking Salt Creek, striking down the helpless, slaughtering with fire and lightning. After she finds the bloated body of a teenage victim at Whispering Falls, Jess realizes her visions aren’t harmless, haunting dreams. They’re truth.

Jess is the new kid in Salt Creek, an isolated small town in rural Southern Ohio with a ferociously-guarded secret. People in Salt Creek are not what they seem, and it appears to be contagious. Her visions were just the start. She’s changing, and even though it sounds crazy, she’s sure the town is to blame.

Billy, the outcast with the unsettling past who has stolen her heart, is the only one willing to help her. But as the body count ticks higher, evidence links Billy to the crimes. Can she trust him? Who is the real killer? Jess better piece together the clues quickly, because it’ll soon be her turn to die.

Murder, lies, betrayal and supernatural powers collide in this magical YA romance for fans of Beautiful Creatures, Twilight, and Vampire Diaries. This super-powered teen mystery series is perfect for fans of J.L. Weil’s Luminescence trilogy, Amy Sparling’s Immortal Mark series, Michelle Madow’s Elemental Series, and LJ Swallow’s Four Horsemen series.


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Books in the Guardians of Salt Creek series

Book One: Jess, Rising

Book Two: Jess, Resurrected

Book Three: Jess, Redeemed

About D.M

“Who the heck is D.M. Guay?

I write about the intersection of real life with the supernatural. If it’s Sexy. Kick Ass. Magic? Yeah. I’ll write it. It’s my thing.

By day, I’m also an award-winning journalist living in Ohio, a hobby urban farmer (you can’t beat my beets!), a painter, and a retired roller derby player.

My favorite things–besides books– are Jeni’s ice cream, tiki bars, liquid eyeliner, the 1968 Camaro, the Mighty Boosh, 24-hour horror movie festivals, art by Picasso and Niagara Detroit, rock concerts, and most of all, people who make art, despite adversity, no matter what life throws at them.

I’ve had to put this last bit to work in my own life. I have terminal kidney cancer, despite being young and having no risk factors. Profits from sales of my book go to researchers looking for a cure for this awful disease

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