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Get the free short stories in Victoria's urban fantasy mystery series, the Independent Necromancers' Bureau
Danger rises from the grave in this thrilling tale of twists and turns, magic and murder.
Pre-Order for 30th August now!
Pre-order the exciting final book in the Independent Necromancers' Bureau now!
Relic Guardian. Defender of Mankind. Witch.
One stone. One Wish. One life changing event.
Jamie Oxford: Friend. Foe. Bane of my existence!
A magical portal. A new World. A price to pay.
There’s always a price to pay with magic. The question is… Who pays?
On death… One pledge… One price to pay!
Some things are worth fighting for… How much is worth losing?
The Tylwyth Teg took someone from me. I want him back.
Get the complete 4-book series in one set!
Get the complete six-story series in one set!
Dragons are temperamental creatures. Some hunt humans with vengeance, others help humans as willing partners. What will these dragons do? With nearly 2000 pages of captivating fiction, you’ll be enchanted by mages, soar to new heights on the backs of dragons, and fear whether each new beast is friend or foe.
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