A dark sorceress sinks her talons into the land…
Meet four men with a strong sense of justice who will stop at nothing to protect their women.
Freedom lies on the open sea. Danger lies within it.
The Brown house isn’t a house you want to mess with. It’s that place where you and your friends go on a dare, but no one is brave enough to go inside, and if they do, they come out screaming.
Matthew Grayken is young, successful, and dying, which is why he’s about to propose to a total stranger.
She didn’t want an Alpha, but Destiny had other plans…
What's a witch to do when the meanest man in the county drops dead in his coleslaw during her shift at the local barbecue joint?
You have the right to remain silent.
Scarlett King has been engaged to money-mad Peregrine Pratt for six years. When he asks her to move to spooky Mystic Manor her intuition screams NO. But Peregrine always gets his way…
Can a shattered heart accept a miracle it doesn’t want?
I’m Summer Daniels. Friend to few. Foe to many. And one angry witch…
Could a book transform you into a witch?
Two bloodlines are about to merge, something dark this way comes.
She's dreamed of being a great warrior. Instead, she becomes her world's worst nightmare.
Sally Dunphy has had a rough eighteen months. Then she hears her ex-fiance has taken a dive off a bridge.
Jittery and delusional Chloe McKenna fears for her sanity, and not even years of counseling can help her.

"Books are uniquely portable magic." ~ Stephen King

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